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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Avail the Benefits of Hot Runner Controller to Control the Temperature of Your Hot Runner System

The hot runner system plays a vital role in optimizing the heat in the production house and it is necessary to maintain the material consistency which is used for productions of a product. The modern technology made many changes in the selection of hot runner system and the Anole is one of the best manufacturers of all types of hot runner system. The hot runner controller maintains the internal temperature of the system so that the material will be in the liquid state. This hot runner controller of Anole has internal nozzle which reduces the maintenance cost must better than the traditional nozzle. The material can be injected into the hot runner through the nozzle and the temperature of the material will be regulated using this Hot Runner Controller of temperature. The temperature must be maintained at a uniform level and this is performed by this controller. 

The professionals of Anole, uses high technology and machineries to designing and manufacturing every part of the hot runner system. The experts of the company also provide solution for all sorts of the problem of the customers which are related to a hot runner system. The company also provides after sales service if there is any problem with the hot runner system. They also provide guidelines in order to operate the system in a better way to avoid the future problem. With many years of experience and advanced techniques, the company is able to manufacture the best hot runner system for their customers throughout the world with superior quality.  
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Perform the Hot Runner Installation in Your Mould with the Aid of Technicians of Anole

Among many companies who manufacture and install a hot runner system, Anole company is known for its procedure and technique used for the hot runner installation. It takes more care for the installation of all the elements of the hot runner system as it will cause problems if proper procedure is not followed while installation. The staffs of the company are well trained with all the process which is involved in the hot runner installation. Two steps are involved in installing the hot runner system which includes Installation of the nozzle and installation of the manifold. The engineers of Anole are very keen on the connection between the nozzle and the mould with the plastic seal part and base part which is very important to install the nozzle. 

The installation of manifold requires that the manifold must touch the nozzle. A plastic material will come out the place where the nozzle and the manifold get connected. The technicians of Anole are very strict to that exact length of the needle must be set under the conditions of processing temperature. This company relies mostly on the quality of the products so they have invested their hard works and efforts to provide a high quality runner system to its company. The Hot Runner Installation is keenly observed as it plays the major role in the working of the hot runner system in a better way and to ensure the long life of the system. The professionals of the company will provide necessary information about operating the hot runner system and they install the system in the mould to favor their customers. 

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Anole Company Makes Use of Best Mould Temperature Controller in the Hot Runner System

Anole is the best manufacturer of hot runner system which is located in China. The temperature controller system of hot runner, make use of a good intelligent meter and the mould temperature controller prĂ©cised temperature points, automotive recovery, stability, reliability, precision tolerance of more than or less than 1 degree Celsius and extent applicable. The control system also has ‘PLC multi tips’ temperature model that can realize more than one hundred and twenty tips for the entire mould which needs the heating areas. This type of control system can control the opening and closing of the valve gate at different times. It also realizes the filling speed of the plastic in the molding area. Using this injection molding technology, Anole is able to avoid the molding joining lines and melting lines. 

The hot runner Mould Temperature Controller of Anole has four innovative patents which are protected in several countries. Anole not only concentrates on innovating but also on the energy saving of hot runner system. So the end users are provided with energy saving facilities. The major control units of temperature control system of the hot runner are smart meter as well as a computer chip. The company uses multiple digital filters in order to provide PID which is Proportional Integral Derivative Algorithm. So the mould temperature controller of hot runner plays the vital role in the temperature controller system. The Anole Company with the firm R&D team ensures the high standard hot runner system to their customers. They are also providing useful suggestions to their customers in various aspects about the usage of hot runner system. All the services are provided by them at reasonable rates so they have the customers throughout the world.

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