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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tips for buying Best quality Hot Runner Mould Injection System

Nowadays the usage of the plastic is more for the commercial purpose.  Then for the bulk production we provide the hot runner system which is capable of producing the mass production with the best quality. Now a days the hot runner system is the best molding machine which produces the uniform quality. The thickness of the material will also be perfect. Most complicated applications can be manufactured in this hot runner and it’s capable of producing complex shape and it will avoid the flow lines , knit lines. In the recent days for the hot runner systems there is more demand and it’s more beneficial for the commercial purpose. We are providing the best quality hot runner system which is capable for the small scale business, because it will produce the output with high efficiency. Then we have well trained experts to assemble the systems.

The most of the small industries can also implement these hot runner system in their company this in turn decreases the production cost. And it will increase the efficiency. Then anole hot runner mould injection machine is been developed and specialized in Portugal and it is manufactured in china. Our ANOLE Company signed with the German hot runner heaters company to buy the heating element in china. We are using high quality imported heaters in the molding machine to ensure the quality for our customers. ANOLE hot runner system widely used for many applications such as aerospace, packaging moulds, medical care and personal care. According to the customer’s basic requirement, they provide both special and normal hot runner molding system. The service will be done effectively and we will satisfy the customer requirements.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

The Reasons of Using And Variation Of Hot Runner Heaters

 There is a vast change in the technology of injection molding systems. It is primarily focused on making the process of the plastic industry simpler. It is a prompt and an ideal system in order to promote the heating effect of the plastic products. Injection molding works along with two different categories of machines. The first one is the cold runners and the other is the hot runner heaters. The later ones were previously not much in use because of its continuous breakdowns. However, these issues have been overcome with the advent of advanced technology. This has shown a positive drift along with time. 

The system uses a less power and is cost-effective in use. Moreover the production time is comparatively reduced as it was with the previous times. You do not have to wait for the machine to freeze like the cold system. There are variations of the system and some of which is an externally heated hot runner that poses a lowest drop of temperature. It is also better to change the color of plastic. They are good for the materials that are thermally sensitive in nature.  

The second variety is an internally heated one that requires a pressure to hold the component. Contrary to the former one it is difficult to change the color of the plastic. It is useful in offering a better control of gate tip. It is useful in operating the runner heat because it insulates a frozen layer. This type of a layer is formed inside the channel flow against a steel wall. 
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

What Are The Rules To Determine Hot Runner Troubleshooting And Ways Of Solving It

The continued popularity of hot runners systems is because mold makers are realizing its importance. The primary significance is that of its cost-effectiveness. However, like any other system this one can also cause problems. There are numerous ways of hot runner troubleshooting and it follows a certain rule. Some of these are to define the issues within the system, isolate the problem by developing a certain methodology. It is done by testing one component at a specific time. Once the items have been tested the solution is monitored.

The professional’s then work upon it to resolve the issues. The final step is to verify the solved problem. This new technology is feasible because of availability of various solution of the problem. The primarily solution is to check the contaminated material and reduce the temperature of melting. Another commonly adopted one is to decrease the time of cycling of the overall processing. The technicians then use it to clean the barrel and screw of the system. The material of the components degrades because of the high speed of the screw. In that case, it is prudent to reduce its speed. 

Excessive regrind components can also reduce the efficiency of the system and the use of material. The supplier provides a set of instructions to dry the components, so it is suitable to reduce the time. An over dried internal components will provide you certain known benefits. It is sensible to use a thermally stable component the reason being the internal part are prone to get degraded thermally. 
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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Use The Hot Runner Heater And Get The High Quality Of Plastics


The hot runner heaters are used for making the plastics material. Now a days the hot runner heaters are industry preferred machine, because it consists of high quality of spare parts and give output with best quality of plastics. Another advantage is that it uses less power and gives more output. The time taken for finishing the manufacture of the plastics materials is less. By using this hot runner heater you can save time. More number of products will be manufactured with the allotted time. The heater will be available in different shape and size. Some applications of hot runner heater are hot runner moulds, Spruce bush, and extended nozzle. As per the customer order the hot runner heater will be manufactured. It can be manufactured as In-built thermoplastic or it can be in any type.

Parts Used In Manufacture Of Hot Runner Heaters:

The hot runner heater is made up of helical wound and it is precisely streaked with the nickel chrome resistance. It consists of nickel steel tube filled with the high grade MGO powder. This is used because to maintain the heat transfer of the system. The heater should be manufactured with the minimum diameter of 10mm. It is also made up by the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ In-built thermoplastic and hot spruce brush is made up of hot runner heaters with the different cross section. The hot runner heaters are covered with the inner brass and the outer part is covered with the stainless steel. The hot runner heaters available in different cross section size. The efficiency of the system is large and the quality of the plastics will be high no doubt about it.
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Basic Concept And Steps Involved In Hot Runner Installation

The new hot runner system has come up with new standards of installation. The latest innovations are that to improve the advantages of the base of the system. There is an advent of new technique of maintenance that has added on to the feasibility of the system. Besides all the minor elements, that is a lot more on the installation of new technology and a few of these have been laid down. The new concept of hot runner installation is to reduce the number of caps that are made of a temperature-resistant material.

The plastic is flexible and is made of an innovative substance. The first step in the procedure to install the components of the new technology is to insert the nozzle. It is the responsibility of the technician to check whether it is touching with the nozzle of the mold. After the successful completion of the first steps the manifold is to be kept at a 100% vertical position of the mold. The exact length of the needle is set under different conditions of the temperature.  

The needle of the parts is kept at a secured position. It is easy to assemble the part of the hot system into the parts of the mold. The top-most position is to shut-off the position of the nozzle when the pressure of the air is applied. The dimension of the part of the base should be machined at an equivalent height. It is important to consider the expansion of heat of the components. The dimension of the stop-most components should then be lowered. 

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