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Friday, 23 August 2013

The Hot Runner Heaters And Its Significance In The Hot Runners

For any kinds of hot runners, it is very important to understand that the hot runner heaters play an important role in the functioning of the system. Before the operation of the system, it is also important to know about the different types of heaters that are present, and also the mechanism of operation. There can be either internally heated system, or externally heated system. You should know about the features and specifications of each. This in turn, will definitely make the selection process quite easier for you.

The Internal Heating System:

There are many hot runners that comprise of internal heating systems today. The main purpose of these heaters is to improve the rapid distribution of heat. However, this means that the temperature control should be done carefully and effectively and should also be well balanced. This in turn, will result in complete perfection of the product that is brought out from the injection molding machine. There is a probe and torpedo located in the passages of this heater. This helps in transferring the heat.

The External Heating System:

On the other hand, with the rapid improvement of technology, it is the external heating system that is mostly used as hot runner heaters today. The major benefit of these heaters is that it not only helps in improving the distribution of heat. Along with that, it also helps in effective and better control of temperature. There are several insulating features that are designed into the manifold which makes the system efficient, as a whole. 

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Effectiveness Of The Introduction Of Mould Temperature Controller

Mold can be created in wide varieties of ways. There are actually different tools available to the tool makers today through which they can think about various innovative and unique ways of creating molds. However, the temperature of the mold is one of the most common and important things that has to be considered while manufacturing the molds. It is because of this reason that the mold temperature technology is constantly getting progressed. This in turn, has led to the development of new technology for effective mould temperature controller.

Good Cooling Methods:

Without the controller, the tool makers had to experience lots of problems in cooling methods of the mould. However, with the help of the mould temperature controller things have become very easy and challenges can also be quickly met. When low pressure is maintained, water can boil at very low temperatures. As a result, the water absorbs great amount of heat. Moreover, the mold chamber also comprises of a single cooling chamber. As a result, it can perfectly suit to the cooling shape of the different molds.

Efficient Exchange Of Heat:

The controller can not only help in maintaining and controlling the temperature, in addition to that, it also helps in efficient exchange of heat. This is also one of the very important functioning of the temperature controller. Consequently, the mold thus produced is absolutely uniform and well shaped, as per the requirements. Extra human efforts and precaution can also be avoided with the help of the controller in the system.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Best Mould Temperature Controller For The Hot Runner In Molding Machine

The mould temperature controller is the essential part in the injection molding machine to maintain the optimum temperature in the molding process. The temperature in the mold should be maintained so that the molten plastic do not transform its state and settles down in the manifold and the hot runner. Thus the Anole Injection Tech provides you the best quality temperature controller with the best digital designs to eliminate errors. The temperature controllers are available in different forms based on the control circuitry used. These controllers designs are embedded system based controller and the intelligent controller with the touch screen. 

The Anole Injection Tech’s mould temperature controller have the innovative designs which are easy to operate and consumes less power. The digital circuitry has the controller which was programmed with proportional integral algorithm which filter out the error created by the non linear devices during the state transition period and produces the accurate temperature control. This helps to manufacture fine finished plastic product. The heating element is made by the special metal that can withstand high temperature and it is imported from Germany. The heating elements are available in different shapes such as the heating strips, heating coils and tubular heating material. 

The Anole Injection Tech uses best controller elements to manufacture the mould temperature controller which adds quality and accuracy to the temperature controller. The thermocouple which was imported from Germany is connected to the Anole’s temperature controller to monitor the accurate temperature in the molding machine. The intelligent temperature controller monitors the injection temperature with precision of ± 1C which will be helpful in the molded plastic ejection process. The hot runners and the mold temperature controllers provided by Anole Injection Tech are very economic to the customer who need to setup injection molding machine with quality equipments.

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